Declutter Your Mind: Simple Action Plan To Quiet Your Mind & Negative Thoughts by Sandy Quinn. Self-Help Book Review.

Declutter ur mind

Are you tired of being constantly bombarded by repetitive negative, worried and unhelpful thoughts? Would like to learn how others use mindfulness to successfully quiet their minds, become more balanced and happy in life?
Declutter Your Mind will show you a simple Action Plan to quiet your mind and free yourself from negative thoughts which you can begin to use immediately.
Unlike other books that simply show you a bunch of “theories” or confusing exercises, this book will show you a simple step-by-step Action Plan that you’ll see results if you apply them consistently.
Inside you will learn :
• A simple step-by-step Action Plan to quiet your mind effectively
• How to stop struggling with repetitive negative thoughts, worries and fears
• The secret of how your new mindfulness will actually help you attract your best life
• How mindfulness can help your mind, body and emotions by reducing -stress, bad habits, negative thinking, lack of focus, tiredness, sleeplessness etc.
• And so much more!

Don’t live your life being constantly trapped by repetitive negative, worrying and fearful thoughts. Be the sort of person who dare to step out to take action without hesitation. Let others be amazed by your transformation because you dare to reach for your biggest dream.


My Review:

Declutter Your Mind is a short book, but the idea is to provide the reader with a simple action plan to help begin decluttering the mind. Sandy is aware that many of these types of books and principles of mind decluttering are met with scepticism. This is usually from such people who assume they don’t have time to stop and implement small changes into their already hectic schedules. What Sandy does suggest though, is do-able and many readers would struggle to argue with her concept of us all being able to find just a few minutes each day to administer these easy techniques into our lives.

This book is short and simple, just like its suggestions, and it is this basic format which makes the book easy to read and, ultimately, encouraging. There is no complicated and technical language used, and the book is broken down into nine chapters, with each one just the right length to hold your attention. With science backed evidence highlighting the positives of taking a mere twenty minutes out of each day, Sandy also comprises a list of responses to the many excuses people use for not giving such techniques a go!

In just seven easy steps, Sandy believes it is possible to begin the process of decluttering the mind and once repeated over several weeks, the method will become a habit, as much as in having a shower is every day!

Declutter Your Mind could be looked at as an introduction to mindfulness and is probably a perfect start for someone who is interested in the concept, but has no idea of where to start. Whilst it will not change your life over night, studied correctly over time it will enable you to begin to see your life from a different perspective and perhaps encourage you to see for yourself exactly what needs to change in your life for the better. 


Thank you to the lovely people at for allowing me to review this fascinating book.


Declutter Your Mind is out now to buy on




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