The Postcard by Fern Britton. Adult Fiction Book Review.

The Postcard

Netgalley Description:


My Review:

I love Fern Britton, not just as a writer but also as a TV personality. So, whenever she releases a book I can’t wait to read it. I have read all her others books, throughly enjoying A Good Catch, and have always felt that with each new book Fern gets better at writing and her confidence in her prose seems to increase. However, as much as I enjoyed the concept of The Postcard, I didn’t feel that the writing was of Fern’s usual standard this time around.

The story revolves around Penny Leighton, once a high flying TV Producer, now a Mother to Jenna and a Wife to Simon. Penny is beginning to find motherhood and the isolation of living in small Cornish village a struggle. She then receives news that her Mother has died. However, Penny’s childhood home was anything but happy and along with the news comes the painful memories and the hatred and anger that she thought she had left behind her. When her estranged Sister turns up, wanting a taste of what she sees as Penny’s glamorous new life, piece by piece Penny’s world begins to unravel.

I liked the premise of Penny’s story; the underlying reasons why being a mother seemed so hard to her considering how she herself had been raised. But, I struggled to find anything likeable about Penny as a character. Okay, she realised she was suffering from depression and I felt for her condition, but at times she was just simply unlikeable. The story drags throughout the book and by Part Two I found myself getting fed up with Penny’s incessant poor me act.

I suppose what I really struggled with in The Postcard was the disappointing writing style. This didn’t seem to be Fern’s usual flow and read very clumsily in parts. I was also annoyed at how slap-dash the ending seemed, so predictable but then finished in haste with an almost ‘and they all lived happily every after’ feel to it…’ I say disappointing because usually  Fern’s books are really good, however The Postcard just didn’t seem to execute the strong syntax that I really enjoyed in what I consider Fern’s best book to date A Good Catch.


Thank you to the lovely people at Netgalley for allowing me to review this book.


The Postcard is out now to buy. Fern Britton can be found on Twitter at @Fern_Britton






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